Chinese Green Tea

Chinese Green Tea
Chinese Green Tea

When it comes to tea, Chinese green tea has many characteristics to offer. It can be mild, mellow, vegetal, sweet, and even a bit floral. This of course all depends on what special variety you select and steep.

Chinese Green Tea
Chinese Green Tea

Some popular green tea varieties worth discovering are:
Dragon Well Tea
Pi Lo Chun
Green Anji
Zhejiang Mao Feng Tea
"Green Pekoe" Tea

If you ever had green tea, it most likely came from one of two countries, China or Japan. China is the largest green tea grower and distributor in the world, exporting many thousands of tons of green tea each year.

Now as you may have learned on this site or elsewhere, all tea including green comes from the same tea plant, Camellis sinensis. The Chinese versions are great, and there are a whole bunch of varieties to explore. Green tea from China is grown high in the misty hills and mountains in warm temperatures where it is protected from constant direct sunlight. Loose leaf green tea from China always tastes fresh and is of great quality that makes a great afternoon treat.

The taste of Chinese green tea in my opinion is less grassy than its Japanese relatives, and is great for newcomers beginning their green tea journey. Dragonwell green tea is a famous Chinese type and is one of my favorite greens. Chinese green teas are grown in many Provinces, with the Zhejiang Province home to my well-liked Dragonwell variety as well as others.

Health Benefits of Chinese Green Tea

Drinking green tea from China is probably one of the healthiest choices you can make! Research shows that green tea is full of powerful antioxidants called catechins which are known for fighting tumors and deadly cancers. These antioxidants are also good for promoting a healthy immune system, and also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure which could help reduce the risk of heart disease. Further studies reveal that green tea can help fight cavities as well!
Chinese Green Tea Leaves
Chinese Green Tea
Chinese Green Tea


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