Green Tea Helps You Lose Weight

Green Tea Diet
Green Tea Helps You Lose Weight

Green tea is believed to be a potential agent, which can help you to lose weight. Weight loss has become a serious matter in the present world. The possible reasons for weight loss can be many such as lifestyle factors, the diet and stress and strain the modern life. Irrespective of the possible reasons, there is a need for an ultimate solution since the weight gain or obesity can lead to many serious health hazards such as diabetes, and the heart diseases. Green tea is projected as an effective weight loss remedy since many of the reports show positive effects.

Nature green tea is better than artificial greens tea product

Green tea is primarily appreciated for the weight loss since it is a natural substance. Now, many artificial products are available in the market, claiming that are effective for weight loss. Since most of them manifested side effects, people have started searching for reliable natural products. Green tea is an herbal decoction, which is made from the unfermented leaves of Camellia sinensis. It is a proven stimulant that is regularly used as a beverage in the eastern countries. It is postulated that the green tea have medicinal properties and the traditional medicinal systems support the argument with evidences. It can be used to protect the heart, liver, skin, pancreas, oral systems and most importantly as a curative for cancer. However, the effectiveness of the green tea to lose weight cannot be proved from the medicinal properties. But, the scientific crowd is relying on the active ingredients of the green tea.

Green Tea Helps You Lose Weight

How green tea promote weight loss

Green tea is recommended for the diet aid mainly because of its multifaceted effects on health. The major active component that attributes the properties to the green tea are the polyphenols such as catechin, epicatechin, epicatechin gallate, gallaogatechin, epigallocatechin, and apigallocatechin gallate (known as EGCG). Even though it have alkaloids such as caffeine, the EGCG is effective to compensate their effect and trigger the metabolism rate. The studies show that EGCG, which is a natural antioxidant, is also an effective thermogenic that can burn off the calories. Using the green tea, energy expenditure and metabolic rate is hiked at a rate of 4%, which will certainly help you for weight loss.

Green tea catechins will also acts as a glucose regulator. It regulates the insulin level in the body and inhibits the sudden rise of insulin in the body after the food, which may initiate the fat conversion. The lowering of the insulin level prevents the sugar level rise and the fat storage, which ultimately prevent the weight gain. And, the influence in blood sugar level has proven some effect in the appetite level, also. The continuous intake of green tea is suspected to decrease the appetite, which naturally contribute to the weight loss.

To add on, if you do not even count any of the above attributes of herbal green tea too, a simple factor will certainly add a cutting edge to green tea. If you are lenient enough to just substitute the usual morning drink, which is rich with calories, with a cup of green tea itself can definitely help you lose weight.

How to use green tea for your diet

The easiest way to include green tea in your diet is to drink it. However, you could also use greentea extract pill and green tea patch.

Drink green tea
– This is the best way and the most effect way to get the full benefit from green tea. Since it is still unknown which anti-oxide in green tea encourage fat loss, it is the best to take it with its original form. The easiest way is to put green tea bag in hot water and let it rest for 3 to 4 minutes. However, you could also try LIPTON Diet Green Tea with Citrus or LIPTON Diet Green Tea with mix barriers (most believe commercial tea product contain only small amount of tea)

Green tea patch – it is a patch that contain some ingredient of green tea. All you have to do is to put the patch on your body for a few hours and your skin will absorb. The manufacture claim it equal 20 cup of green tea with only 63 gram of caffeine (around one cup of coffee). That mean the green tea diet patch is not nature and some anti – oxide might loss during the manufacture process.

Green tea diet pill – these diet pills contain green tea as active ingredient. It is a safer alternative for more hardcore diet pill. The pill contain more than just green tea so I would not recommend you to take these green tea diet pills.

Green Tea Helps You Lose Weight
Lose Weight Diet Green Tea
Green Tea Helps You Lose Weight


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