A Beginner’s Guide to Matcha

Matcha Green Tea
A Beginner’s Guide to Matcha

One of the many new and exciting products added to our catalog this fall is our organic Matcha Green Tea. Matcha is a variety of Japanese green tea that is stone ground at the end of the manufacturing process, resulting an ultra-fine tea powder that is typically whisked in hot water until a frothy consistency is reached, as in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. The resulting brew has much more body and flavor than tea brewed in a conventional fashion, with a thick, rich green taste and slight bitterness. Drinking matcha has been found to be even healthier than normal green tea, because the entire tea leaf is consumed when matcha is drunk - not just the infusion as with normal teas.

To brew, measure approximately one teaspoon of matcha and place it in a pre-warmed bowl with approximately 1.5 oz. of water at 175°. This is roughly two almond-sized portions when using a traditional bamboo matcha scoop (or “chashaku”). Whisk vigorously in a back-and-forth motion using a traditional bamboo matcha whisk (or “chasen”) until frothy, making sure not to press the whisk down against the bottom of the bowl. After whisking, the matcha is ready to drunk directly from the bowl.

In addition to this traditional method of preparation, matcha is more and more frequently used as a cooking ingredient. It’s often added to shakes, smoothies, and ice creams, lending a flavor that is at once sweet, bitter and savory. But whether you’re brewing it or cooking with it, you should definitely try some today!


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