Green Tea Benefits
Green Tea

Everyone that drinks green tea knows it’s good for you. If you want a healthy and refreshing drink that has the most pleasant taste, you’ll want to try green tea as well. For many decades green tea has been reviewed for many scientific and medical studies to determine the relationship related to the long purported health benefit claims. There is some evidence offering that many regular green tea drinkers may lower chances of getting heart disease and possibly eliminating the development of certain types of cancers. And if that isn’t enough, green tea has also been said to be very useful in weight loss management.

This type of tea is made solely with the leaves from camellia and came from China. They are familiar in Japan and Asia as well. However, recently it has become an even popular tea in the west where traditionally we consume the black tea. Various types and blends of green tea have come out of countries where it’s grown. The varieties are substantially different in flavor and aroma because of the variable growing and climate conditions, harvesting time and processing.
Green Tea Benefits


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