Tea and Haiku Poetry

Haiku, traditionally Japanese poetic form, certainly includes some examples of tea as motive.The most famous poet of Japanese Edo period Matsuo Basho (1644-1694) wrote a poem "A monk sips morning tea". Here it is translated by Robert Hass.

A monk sips morning tea,
it's quiet,
the chrysanthemum's flowering.

Here is an example of haiku by Stephen Fox...titled "Whisking tea"

seamless sky
winter water
whisking tea

side by side
offering, receiving
stars drift down
winter rain
tea bowls passed

no dream
whisking tea
voice of the kettle

winter chills
sweeping the tea room
vows renewed

Tea and Haiku Poetry

Title: Haiku poem written in calligraphy on board about tea
Time and creator unkonwn
Source: California State University, Sacramento Library


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