Options for Your Caffeine Fix : Tea

Options for Your Caffeine Fix : Tea

Gone are the days when coffee was just straight black with cream or sugar. In our modern world most coffee drinks seem to contain more sugars and foam than coffee, and as such, people are not used to drinking black coffee. Though a brewed coffee can be good for your health, drinking too much coffee can be harmful to your body. One option to get your caffeine fix before a switch to decaffeinated coffee is tea. Most teas have about half or a third of the amount of caffeine as coffee, but are infinitely better for your body, and certain teas, like green tea, have proven health benefits. If you’re more interested in the flavor than the caffeine fix, decaf coffee maintains the flavor but won’t make you jumpy; great for drinking right before bed or other occasions when you don’t need the ‘wake up’ effect of caffeine.


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